Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Number 1 Books affiliated with the hospitals that receive books?
  • No we are not. We are donating these booklets on behalf of your business
  • Is Number 1 Books a registered non-profit?
  • No. We are a very transparent about being a business for social good. Our business model allows us to skip traditional fundraising, and make a direct positive impact.
  • How many books can I donate to a hospital?
  • Generally you can donate as many as you would like within reason. When we feel a quota is met in your area we are finished for the year.
  • Does the Healing Hands book contain any advertising?
  • No. Aside from two full page sponsorships from charitable organizations there is absolutely no advertising in the booklet
  • How can I pay for my books?
  • The most common method is online with a credit/debit card or a bank transfer. However, cheques and money orders are also accepted.
  • Can I change my label on the book?
  • Yes! you can make any changes to your label anytime by giving us a call at 1 877 NO1-BOOK (1 877 661-2665).
  • Where can I see a copy of the book?
  • The entire book is available by pdf on our book page. If you would like a physical copy of the book, contact us and we will send you one.